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HH Janananda Goswami Maharaja accepts first desciple in Malaysia

Posted by iskconklnews on May 27, 2010

By Mulakaranam dasa


On the 4th May 2010 in SJMKL in a simple ceremony, HH Janananda Maharaja Goswami initiates his first disciple in Malaysia, Nagendran Vellaisamy, His spiritual name given is NILA MADHAVA dasa.

Bhakta Kunasekaran, his wife Bhaktin Vimala and Bhakta Gobalkrishnan Veeriah have taken shelter of HH.

About 20 to 30 devotees attended this evening function and HH spoke extensively on the importance of the chanting of the Holy Name and the 10 offenses while chanting.

The fire sacrifice was prepared by the local pujari of SJMKL and HH enthusiastically was chanting and dancing during the kirtan session.
Sumptuous prasadam was served to all devotees.


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