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Sri Ram Navami Mahotsava

Posted by iskconklnews on April 9, 2010

By Sudhir Sundara das

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga

All glories to their Lordships

All glories to Sri Sri Sita Ram Laksman and Hanuman

The Ram Navami Mahotsava was celebrated at SJMKL on Wednesday 2010 in a blissfully and joyful manner.  However, in order to ensure the congregation was able to appreciate the appearance of Lord Ramachandra in the right mood, the management had decided to dedicate the Sunday feast lectures as well as organize a three day Ram Katha series in efforts to narrate and glorify the sweet pastimes of the Lord.

On the day of the festival, the decorations within and outside the hall were simple yet tasteful and pleasing to the eye, with a combination of modern and traditional concepts blended together. Their Lordships looked majestic, dressed in stunning and effulgent hues of crimson, saffron and gold as they were seated in a beautifully decorated altar festooned with flowers of striking colours. It was indeed a sight to behold and only personal viewing can truly express the inner joy and pleasure felt due to their divine presence. An early guest to SJMKL, as prompt as 7.45am was none other than the ex-President of the Malaysian bar Council, Y.Bhg. Datuk S. Ambika Sreenevasan who came early to pay her respects to Their Lordships. Being a working day and as was expected, the congregation, well wishers and friends trickled into the temple later than the planned commencement of 6pm. At about 7.15pm and much to our delight, the main hall and the covered foyer at the front was filled to capacity with devotees partaking in the deity abhisek. This abhisek, a continuum after the Sandya Arati, was accompanied by ecstatic kirtan which began right from the moment the deities were ushered from the main hall to the decorated stage area at the foyer.

By their Lordship’s grace, everyone attending was able to participate in the wonderful experience. The ambience of the evening was delightfully pleasant and by the grace of Lord Indra, the infamous inclement weather of KL held itself back throughout the full duration of the event for the pleasure of the 800 plus devotees who graced the event.

Abridged Ram Katha classes in Tamil and English followed the abishek. The highlight of their presentations, extracted from the much treasured Ramayana was the devotion and qualities of some of the associates of Sri Ramachandra. Both the grain feast and the non grain feast were sumptuous as it included many varieties of delicious delicacies.

The programme continued with bhajans followed by the mass recitation of the 108 names of Sri Ramachandra – a first time experience for many. 108 lotus petals were offered in time with each name recited. This was immediately followed by the Pushpa Abishek for the deities as they were showered with hundreds of fresh rose petals of nine different shades. This idea was conceptualized, funded and made possible by Bhakta Kamalanathan Prabu. The deities were almost submerged in colourful rose petals. The congregation then slowly took turns in swinging their Lordships in a beautifully decorated swing and to avail themselves of the blessed puspams. At the same time, Sayana Arati was performed and during this time the temple hall was packed with devotees amidst ecstatic kirtan. Even after the Sayana Arati, continuous calls for more Kirtan could be heard which unfortunately, in the interest of keeping with the scheduled time, had to be denied, as everyone was ushered out of the temple hall to the foyer for the stage show.

The drama that followed was made up of several scenes taken from the pages of the revered Ramayana for the benefit of guests and devotees, where many hidden pastimes from the Ramayana were revealed. It was a colourful and grand affair with excellent character portrayal complete with explicit facial expressions that brought out tastefully the mood of the pastime; always a difficult task but made easy by the Vraja Arts actors who indeed knew their mettle.

The successful completion of an event such as this comes through the generosity of many. Some contributed in kind, others through contributions of Laxmi, while several kind souls walked the talk of making things happen. No contribution was too small or superior to the other in our united efforts in making a triumph of our meagre endeavour to serve Their Lordships. No appreciation is complete without an opportunity to thank all the congregation devotees, well wishers and friends who have supported organizing team.

As part of the organising team, we are but mere humble servants, yearning to make our insignificant contributions to serve for the pleasure of their Lordships. We prostrate ourselves before one and all for your kind mercy and forgiveness for whatever shortcomings there may have been.

As always, we are open to any feedbacks that will serve to make our future efforts to serve the Vaishnavas at SJMKL, even better. Thank you & Hare Krsna.

Sri Sri Sita Ram Laksman Hanuman Ki Jai!

On behalf of the servants of Ram Navami Committee


One Response to “Sri Ram Navami Mahotsava”

  1. Uday Nitai Chandra Dasa. said

    This is a very well written summation of the Ram Navami festivities that was undertaken at Sri Jaganath mandir and one is generously reminded about the celestial pastimes of the Lordships, Sri Sri Sita Ram and Lakshman in the greatest epic of all times, the Ramayana.

    There was certainly an air of regality ladden with pomp and ceremony throughout the celebration, not to mention one could easily befall an admosphere of utter sombre prostration to the all worshipable Lord, the Almighty Lord Ramachandra decorated in regal splendour reminding one about his straight laced, divine and ethereal qualities.

    Uday Nitai Chandra Dasa.

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