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Posted by iskconklnews on August 5, 2009

By Sudarshan Das

Hare Krsna
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
All Glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga

“The importance of the grihastha ashram is because it gives birth to, nourishes, sustains and preserves all the four ashrams” – Srila Prabhupada.

Keeping in line with the above quote from our founder Acharya, and in efforts of serving his instructions, the Social and Welfare Ministry of SJMKL headed by HG Shanti Rupa mataji, recently conducted a two day Grihastha Ashram Seminar. This was held on the 24th and 25th of July just a day before the Smrthi Sabha of our late Temple president HG Uttama Caitanya prabhu. This grihasta seminar was rather special as it was his pet project. Despite coping with his loss, Her Grace Shanti Rupa mataji was determined that the seminar should not be canceled and that it should go on as planned. In fact, in the opening speech, she revealed that it was one of HG Uttama prabhu’s last instructions which he emphatically left, just the day before his passing.

The seminar was held at the Malaysian Hindu Sangam office at Petaling Jaya, a mere 5 minutes drive from the temple. About a hundred devotees both from SJMKL and ISKCON Klang attended the seminar on Friday which began at 8.30 pm. After the welcome address by HG Shanti Rupa mataji, we were introduced to our special guest speaker HG Krishna Kishora Prabhu who had come all the way from Pune, India to share his knowledge and experience in the topic. HG Shanti Rupa mataji expressed her appreciation to HG Gaurachandra prabhu (RNS) for being instrumental in securing our special guest speaker.

HG Krishna Kishora prabhu was a very captivating speaker. He delivered his points in a most engaging manner and kept the audience attentive. On the first day, he spoke about the importance of Grihastha Ashram as an important and integral aspect of the Daivi Varnashram system. He emphasized on how Srila Prabhupada wanted every married couple in ISKCON to practice Krishna Consciousness based on the tenets and principles provided in the Grihastha Ashram. We ended the first day session at about 10 pm with dinner prasadam.

The second day of the seminar began with breakfast prasadam, followed with Srimad Bhagavatam class given by HG Krishna Kishora pr at about 9 am. Prabhu elucidated a very interesting point about how Maya uses 2 methods to trick the unsuspecting devotees. One is moroseness and the other being pride. I personally found it very illuminating.

After the class, the first session of the day was on the Duties and Responsibilities in Grhasta Ashram. Amongst others, this topic also covered the Psychology of Man and Woman as well as the Do’s and Don’ts between husband and wife. To better illustrate the points, the highlight of the session was a series of ticklish skits enacted by some of the participants. I’m sure none of us will forget the infamous line by Kumar prabhu in his skit which was about how one should not chastise ones partner in public. That brought forth peals of laughter from everyone.

At about 12.30 noon, we broke for lunch which was served at the premises. An hour or so later, the seminar continued with HG Shanti Rupa mataji who shared her realizations and experiences. The topic was on the role of the wife in Grhasta Ashram. She ended by emphasizing that in the end, everything will fall in place if only we take the 4 instructions of Srila Prabhupada seriously to heart, which was chanting, reading his books, eating prasadam only, and associating with devotees.

The last session of the day was something which I was very much waiting for. This was on the topic of raising Krishna Conscious children in Grihastha Ashram, given by HG Krishna Kishora pr. Personally I found the session very enlivening and motivating. Prabhu spoke on how we should stick to the essence of Krishna Consciousness and very patronizingly study Srila Prabhupadas’ instructions regarding the upbringing of children. He provided many practical suggestions and pointers and shared with us some of the success stories in ISKCON Pune as well as in other parts of the world.

The seminar ended at around 4 pm with a final wrap up of the points by HG Shanti Rupa mataji and by thanking HG Krishna Kishora prabhu for his time and efforts. All in all it was an excellent seminar with many useful pointers carefully arranged and masterfully presented. It was also an excellent platform for associating with the devotees. On behalf of the management of SJMKL, we would like to thank HG Krishna Kishora prabhu for his wonderful association and service to our Yathra and we dedicate this seminar to the memory of HG Uttama Caitanya prabhu for being a source of inspiration to all of us here in KL.


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