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Rath Yatra KL Taman Yarl

Posted by iskconklnews on July 4, 2009

By HG Uttama Caitanya Das

Hare Krsna

Lord Jagannatha Ratha Yatra ki, jaya!

Despite the unabated rain from the beginning of the procession till the end, over 500 devotees followed the chariot procession in Taman Yarl, Tmn Tan Yew Lai and Taman OUG as part of the annual Ratha Yatra Mahotsava in Kuala Lumpur.

The manifestation of Their Lordships after 16 days of convalesence is the
highlight of Lord Jagannatha’s pastimes from time immemorial.

At SJMKL, on a smaller scale, this festival has attracts many patrons. At
least 1000 over devotees and guests attended this event yesterday.

We especially thank HG Simheswara pr, yatra leaders such as HG Kripa Sindhu pr, HG Punyasloka pr, HG Ramagopinatha pr and Perumal pr who graced the occasion as well as all the devotees from various yatras.

Their kind presence added flavour to the utsava.

We also thank all the various sponsors and devotees who assisted in making this festival a success.

May Lord Jagannatha, by the dint of His own sweet will, shower His mercy
upon all of us.

Thank you.


One Response to “Rath Yatra KL Taman Yarl”

  1. Krishnakumar said

    I was blessed by the Lord to have had a meeting with H.G.Uttama Chitanya Prabhu at Coimbatore and listening to him increased my faith tremendously. It is difficult to believe the news today but today being an Ekadasi Day he obviously is Blessed.

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