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Chanting and Dancing of the Holy Name

Posted by iskconklnews on December 31, 2008

By Nammalwar – Thiruvaai Mozhi 3.5

1. Please tell, O people of this earth surrounded by the ocean, what is the use of the birth of the people who cannot sing, get up, fly and do twisted jump by uttering the name of my Lord Krishna, whose color is like a dark cloud and who is the saviour of the elephant (Gajendra) from the tortures of the crocodile in the water tank, full of flowers.

2. People will born again and again in the earth because of their karmic reaction, if they don’t sing on the high voice with different songs with flying and dancing of the glories of the Lord Vishnu, who punishes all the demons, those who kill and eat the people of the earth surrounded by the ocean.

3. People who do not dance in a flying way such that the head touches the earth, repeatedly uttering the names of the Lord ( Krishna) who lifted the hill (Govardhan) and saved the cowherd from the storm, will always suffer in the hell of sorrow waves.

4. What is the use of a birth even among the saintly persons, if one cannot sing, pray or dance with hands raised over the head without bothering about the so called prestiege, glorifying Lord Sridhara of coral lips who controlled the seven bulls for the sake of marrying satya, the daughter of king Nagnajit.

5. If a person do not sing and dance through each and every street the glories of the Lord of Vedas ( Krishna) who came to this earth in a human form leaving his own planet for protecting the saintly persons from the tyranny of Kamsa, then what can he talk in front of the learned scholars?

6. One who without any offences glorifies with song and dance, the Lord who took birth in human form even though birthless, who rests in the ocean, and who is as sweet as fruit, sugar cane juice, honey and nectar attains complete realisation.

7. If a person grows his belly big without remembering and dancing with no tears in the eyes and heart not melted of the Lord, who made the hundred Duryodana and brothers) to be defeated, the five(Pandavas) to win and destroyed the huge army, in what way he will be helpful to the Uttama devotees of the Lord?

8. One who chants different names of the Lord residing in Thiru Venkatam Thirupathy) of cool water springs and dances roaming through different cities as like mad man so that wordly people call him as mad and laugh will be worshipped even by demigods.

9. For all other people other than those who attained the Lord Who is worshipped by the demigods and Who is the Soul of the whole universe to reside in their heart through yogic process, the only karma is to get up and dance singing the glories of that Lord in a loud voice.

10. Single mindedly with melted heart, leaving proudness and shyness part, getting out of ignorance one should sing the glories of the Lord who Himself is karma, fruit of karma and cause of karma and also Who is of gem hue, with red eyes and Who is also Lord of demigods.


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