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Damodara Deepavali Festival at Schools

Posted by iskconklnews on December 1, 2008

By Prakash Arumugam

Please accept my pranams.
It was really joyful and excited moments with full of challenges. I could not describe any better words for whatever happens through out the session of organizing the whole events. I am thanking all devotees who have partaken in making this event a successful. The guidance of my advisor HG GauraChandra Dass was one of key factor I would say. Not forgetting the CD Leaders and support of the Harinam Council Leader as well as the members. My two secretaries who have contribute most of their time in making the arrangement so nicely even at critical time constrain and some difficulties arise at the last moments. Their effort was simply amazing. Also for our well-wishers of this project and the devotees who put their full effort in certain school with less guidance and support from us. I am very much glad our congregations have such responsible and considerable devotees. Please accept my humble obeisance unto you all again.
The School Damodara Team is looking more similar supports from the congregation in coming year. Meanwhile I would like to beg your apologies for whatever mistakes or problem that we have overlooked in making this event. We will definitely try our level best to improve with better solution in coming year. Your comment is really appreciated. Please let us know your suggestion.
Below are the scores for the events, for the pleasure of our Lordship Jaganath Baladev and Subathra. The team is dedicating this for the well being of our beloved Guru Maharaj HH Jayapataka Maharaj. Let our Guru Maharaj get well very soon.
By the way, below are the latest updates from us;
No of school done:                     16 schools
No of programs conducted:         18 programs
No of offerings:                           5,575 lamps
That mean we have exceeded our target of 15 schools. The organizing committee would like to thank again all the all devotees who have involved directly and indirectly to the success of this program.


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