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Immediate spiritual action: best medicine for a miserable soul

Posted by iskconklnews on November 20, 2008

By Bhakta Chandran

Please accept my humble obeisance to all vaishnavas.

I would like to share this experience with all the devotees. This is my personal experience.

During the first day of the Damodara programme, HG Rasika pr. from SJMKL received a call from one of the listeners of Minnal FM radio station. This caller is from Jelebu, Kuala Klawang town of Negri Sembilan state. His name is Velayutham He is a chemical engineer who studied in Japan and managing his own shampoo, soap and metal stain removing chemical factory in this town. He has been running this business for a few years in small scale supplying his product to east coast and FELDA schemes.

One Night while he was driving back home after delivering his remaining stock of product in small scales to maintain his daily needs, he was listening to the Damodara month Minnal FM talk show. Immediately he pulled his car to the side of the road and listen ardently. The talk excited him and without wasting time any further he called the contact number given in the talk show. He was re-directed to HG Rasika pr.

He requested for a similar programme to be carried out in his home. HG Rasika pr. contacted me at Port Dickson and gave his number to follow-up. I called Mr. Velayutham and made arrangement to meet up with him. I asked HG Hari Govinda pr. in Seremban to assist me. So we both drove up to Kuala
Klawang and met Mr. Velu and introduce ourselves. He introduced himself and his family to us. He has a wife and two boys. After a short conversation Mr. Velu started pouring out his miserable life. His business was good at the very beginning and at later part it was declining very badly. Due to giving his product to his clients in credit he lost about some hefty sum of money. He became a bad debtor so much so that he couldn’t even service his 2 vans hire purchased loans and ran out of fund
to even to buy the raw materials for his production but somehow or rather he is still managing to pull through his daily needs. He was very desperate, very down and everything was a lost in his life.

During the conversation he even mentioned to us that he was on the verge committing suicide together with his family. There were also some Muslim friends within his community approached him to help him in millions of dollars to help his business but on one condition that his whole family
embrace Islam. He refused it. I admired him for his principle for not thinking of converting even during all this bad times. Hoping for a turning point in life he even approached many mediums to find a solution to his problems but none worked out. He became very tense and stopped believing in divine help so much so that he decided to stop praying. As he was sharing his bitter experience, HG Hari Govinda pr. pacified him by sharing his own struggled and how finally he accepted Sri Krishna way of peaceful life. HG Hari Govinda pr. also shared his view on vegetarianism and how it helps to relinquish our bad karma and how it curtails our sin. After sharing about ISKCON to Mr. Velu for more than three hours and giving him the hints on how our Society will be able to help him to overcome his current miserable condition of life, he immediately decided to become a devotee and enquired further on the process. We spent another hour plus to explain to him on all the requirements and the rotocols to become a devotee of Sri Krishna. The whole family agreed wholeheartedly. I asked his son whether he is prepared to become a vegetarian. The young boy not even with a tinge of doubt told us that his father’s decision is his decision. I was really carried away by his answer.

HG Hari Govinda guided him on all the necessary changes need to be done, from food to setting up the altars. As we all know that Deepavali is just around the corner, they have also prepared their Deepavali cookies with eggs. Mr. Velu enquired about the non- vegetarian cookies. HG Hari Govinda pr. told him to give it away and not to eat it as they have decided to become devotees. Mr. Velu immediately agreed to the instruction. Why I am stressing this is because even though his earning is only sufficient for his daily needs he can?t effort to spend money unnecessarily and yet he was willing to discard the non-vegetarian cookies and make fresh vegetarian cookies.

His answer was simply that he has decided to become a devotee and nothing will forbid him from deviating from the regulative principles. I was amazed and I could not believe that there are such desperate souls hankering for our divine intervention.

Since then, we maintained our contact with him every other day. On the 23 Oct we had our Damodara programme at Mr. Velu?s home with his family, HG Hari Govinda pr.?s family, Srimen Perumal pr.?s family and some youths from PD centre. Mr. Velu was very happy and we all could see the gleam in
his face. After the Damodara astaka the Mataji’s served sumptuous prasadam and all of us enjoyed it to our hearts content. Later the mataji’s were giving some hints to Mr. Velu?s wife on vegetarian dishes.

HG Hari Govinda pr. invited Mr. Velu and family to the Seremban Centre for weekend programme since his house is nearer to Seremban. Mr. Velu made a plan to visit the center on one of the weekends. Unfortunately, the weekends he is suppose to visit the center, his car broke down somewhere near the jungle area at Felda scheme near Kuantan. It happens just after he has decided to become a devotee some days ago. He was stranded in the middle of the jungle with no food. He met a security guard on Patrol at that time and asked for his help to get some vegetarian food. The guard told him that there is no vegetarian food available around the area. So he decided to eat bread and sleep in the car the whole night. Just being a devotee for a few days and can we see how he is being tested by the Lordship to check on his sustainability but he was strong in his faith.

 When I asked him about this bad experience after becoming a devotee a few days ago and his answer was he has already surrendered to the Lord and let Bhagwan Sri Krishna to guide him through. The following week he visited the Seremban Centre and was very excited and shared his bliss with us.

What I am trying to stress here is that there are so many souls out there with similar miseries hankering for such help but we are not aware of it, if we get a slim chance to meet similar individual please follow up and pull them to the right track. It is our duty to do it. Immediate response is vital and delay is fatal.

The narration I gave might have been long and winding but I strongly felt to share this experience with all the good souls around. If any one of you has come across any individual within our vicinity whoever is miserable and needs our assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and Hare Krsna.
Humble Servant of ISKCON Port Dickson.


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