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Damodara World Launch Diary 1, Part 6

Posted by iskconklnews on November 3, 2008

By Uttama Chaitanya Das


Day 20: Tuesday, Chennai

Arrived in Chennai at 9.00am. Picked up at the airport by Vijay pr’s driver and rested at his place.

Darshana mtj was very happy to receive me. She was very kind and she prepared some nice lunch.

Chennai is very wet with daily showers. The streets are wet and filthy. The main complaint here – traffic congestion. I would add to that – bad roads.

Anyway, after a long trip overseas, it is refreshing in some ways to be in Chennai. It is almost life home away from home.

No other state in more politicised than Chennai i believe. No a single wall space or lamp post is spared on campaign posters. It seems that election campaign never ends here. Large banners and billboards with faces of politicians dot both sides of the road. Not a pleasant ‘decoration.’

Chennai probably has the largest cinema billboard as well. Mega size cutouts….

Cinema and politics enmeshed together in keeping the people in complete illusion.

The latest threat to sanity – cable TV.

I had my little chore to do in Chennai. Headed to Mylapore to purchase some items for the gift shop.

In the evening we had a Damodara puja with Vijay pr and family. Vijay pr is always a wonderful host. their hospitality leaves me embarassed at times.

I was happy to hear they were heading for Mayapur this week and will be there for 5 days. This is their first trip….

After a nice dinner, I showed them the pictures of my little tour.
I was a nice sat-sang.

My flight to KL is at 0230hrs tomorrow. Left for airport at 11.00pm. Vijay pr came along as usual and we had nice exchanges and almost all the time he reflects upon fondly over his days in SJMKL. The family missed the association here.

This will be my 11th flight in 21 days. I never liked flying but Krishna has His plans.

Remembering the struggle and tribulations, Srila Prabhupada underwent, this is a piece of cake.

We need to soar high in preaching and expanding this mission of Mahaprabhu. Our life will be successful when it is sacrificed on the sacrifical altar of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s sankirtan yajna.

I hope our Guru Maharaja will be pleased with this little effort that we have undertaken for the Ministry.

Every little drop of success, if any, we offer at the lotus feet of HDG Srila Prabhupada.

This is stage 1, next year we will have to travel farther and wider.

Lessons from the road:-

1. It is great to be at SJMKL. We don’t know what we miss until we are away. We have along way to go in terms of improving our seva but at least we are on the right track.

2. Many ISKCON temples lack devotee care/training programmes. As such devotees feel uninspired and not enthused.

3. Our Sunday Feast at SJMKL is more inspiring and enthusing comparatively to many other temples. Expecially the Athiti Seva dept is a wonderful effort by our devotees.

4. Deity bhoga offering in temples such as Durban is much better than ours. We really need to improve our bhoga quality.

5. In Durban also, the Deities are offered 20 over new outfits every year.

6. Damodara programme is not an in-thing in many ISKCON temples. Most temples do it as an in-house activity. Now they temples we visited have seen the potential of this programme and willing to introduce this programme to the public

7. At SJMKL we are more organised as a temple in terms of departmentalisation. We are engaging many devotees in active seva.

8. We pray one day, may Sri Sri Radha-Krishna deities manifest in our temple.

9. The Holy Names are the real panacea for curing our disease and giving us life.

10. Life without Krishna consciousness is void and empty.
Hare Krishna. Happy Damodara puja!


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